Polar Bear Rug 手工 北極熊 地毯
Polar Bear Rug 手工 北極熊 地毯
Polar Bear Rug 手工 北極熊 地毯
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Polar Bear Rug 手工 北極熊 地毯

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This fluffy addition to the kid’s room offers a playful and tactile touch to your little one’s space. Formed in the shape of a friendly polar bear, the hand-tufted rug features contrasting pile heights that add a sensory element to playtime and make it a fun and unique wall hanging.

寬 118 cm,高 160 cm,深 3 cm

正面:100% 簇絨新西蘭羊毛
背面:100% 棉

以吸塵機清潔。開始使用後,地毯必須經常吸塵以去除天然的地毯脫落情況。不要擦濕污漬,而是用紙巾吸乾,並用濕布局布清潔。 如果有需要,請到專業清潔店舖清洗地毯。

Care instructions:
Vacuum only. In the beginning, the rug must be vacuumed frequently to remove natural rug shedding. Do not rub wet stains but absorb with paper towels and clean with a damp cloth. Professional carpet cleaning if needed

* 貨品為手工編織品。

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