Normann Banquet Plate
Normann Banquet Plate
Normann Banquet Plate
Normann Banquet Plate
Tivoli by Normann Copenhagen

Banquet Plate 碟

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Set the table with modern and stylish tableware from the Banquet series. Each piece of tableware in the set has its own individual expression, created by the refined patterns of lines and circles in white reliefs and golden details.

The Banquet tableware series includes a large variety of plates, a serving tray, bowls, egg cups, a thermal cup and teacups, a mug, a sugar bowl, and two jugs. Use Banquet for celebrating big events in life or for everyday meals with friends and family. 

Dining is a big part of the Tivoli experience. With the Banquet range, you can use your tableware to create a Tivoli tale of your very own. The series consists of hand-blown wine glasses, stainless steel cutlery, and a porcelain set with 17 items. Banquet draws the mind to the classic elegance of the park's Nimb Hotel. 

Bring the Tivoli feeling home with design objects by Normann Copenhagen. 

直徑:21 cm 


* 適用于洗碗機。

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